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4 European Financial

4 European Financial Services Law Article-by-Article Commentary Edited by Matthias Lehmann and Christoph Kumpan Part of IEBL by Reiner Schulze and Matthias Lehmann Hardback 1,803 pp, 2019 € 280.00 ISBN 978-3-406-70870-1 Dr Matthias Lehmann is a professor and director of the Institute for International Private and Comparative Law at the University of Bonn. Dr Christoph Kumpan is a professor at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. This volume analyses and explains EU legislation gover­ning financial services. It is designed for legal practitioners in international law firms, the financial industry, regu lators, and academics needing an in-depth understanding of financial services regulations. It is intended to serve as a handy reference book, providing both easy-to-understand overviews of complex topics and insightful analyses of difficult legal issues. Experts renowned in their fields explain, article by article, the impor tant EU directives and regulations governing financial services. Examples illustrate how important provisions apply in practice. Level 2 and 3 measures are put into context. The book is structured as follows: Securities and markets service ■ market behaviour ■ market transparency and information ■ funds ■ securities clearing and settlement ■ deposit protection ■ payment services. For each subject area, the most relevant directives and regulations have been selected. Legal texts covered in this book include, among others, the following: MiFID II and MiFIR ■ MAD and MAR ■ Prospectus Directive and Regulation ■ Short Selling Regulation ■ Rating Agency Regulation ■ UCITS IV and AIFMD ■ EMIR ■ SEPA Regulation.

5 Brussels IIa – Rome III Article-by-Article Commentary Edited by Christoph Althammer Hardback 411 pp., 2019 € 230.00 ISBN 978-3-406-72643-9 Dr Christoph Althammer is a professor for international private law at the University of Regensburg. This new English commentary discusses the two directly applicable EU regulations and hence the central provisions of European divorce and family law ■■ he so-called Rome III Regulation on enhanced cooperation in the field of separation and divorce ■■ the so-called Brussels IIa Regulation on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters as well as matters of parental responsibility (Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003). In addition to various other European standards and conventions, these two directly applicable EU regulations are the central provisions of the new European divorce law and thus of paramount importance for every legal user in family law in all binational family law cases. The commentary is supplemented by a brief explanation of the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children (CISA).