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2 European Insolvency

2 European Insolvency Regulation Article-by-Article Commentary Edited by Moritz Brinkmann Hardback 557 pp, 2019 € 200.00 ISBN 978-3-406-69858-3 The new European Insolvency Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2015/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2015 on insolvency proceedings) has come into effect on 26 June 2017 for insolvency proceedings that are opened on or after that date. The Recast Regu lation reforms the EC Regulation (1346/2000) on insolvency proceedings. The main changes of the regulation are: Dr Moritz Brinkmann is professor for insolvency law at the University of Bonn, Germany. ■■ the extension of its application to preventive insolvency proceedings; ■■ the creation of publicly accessible online insolvency registers; ■■ the possibility of avoiding the opening of multiple proceedings and preventing ‘forum shopping’; ■■ the introduction of new procedures with the aim of facilitating cross-border coordination and cooperation between multiple insolvency proceedings in different Member States relating to members of the same group of companies. A team of experienced insolvency law experts, among them judges, insolvency practitioners and academics, have analysed the European Insolvency Regulation article by article. The authors focus on the new provisions and mechanisms as well as on the existing and to a great extent still relevant case law by the European Court of Justice and courts of the Member States.

3 Commercial Law Article-by-Article Commentary Edited by Peter Mankowski Part of IEBL by Reiner Schulze and Matthias Lehmann Hardback 1,531 pp, 2019 € 280.00 ISBN 978-3-406-70872-5 Dr Peter Mankowski is a Professor at the University of Hamburg. The wealth of nations has been built upon trade and commerce. Trade and commerce have always been international and cross-border by nature. They transcend national borders and call for international rules. Many actors aspire at creating such rules. Some rules have gained international if not global acceptance and have become pivots of international trade and commerce. Sale and carriage of goods are the most important branches of world trade for which international rules exist. Services, financing and security are about to follow. Soft law and clauses are combined with international treaties. International rules call for an international perspective and a uniform practice. They also have to transcend national borders. The new commentary provides in-depth article-by- article analyses of: CISG plus Limitation Convention ■ UNIDROIT Principles ■ Incoterms ■ CMR ■ CMNI ■ CIV ■ CIM ■ Montreal Convention ■ Commercial Agents Directive ■ Late Payment Directive ■ Cape Town Convention ■ UCP. Business is international and dynamic. This commentary combines practical expertise and international perspective. It duly follows dynamic and development.